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The Eccentric EnglishmanEccentric Englishman on a beach in Thailand

Hi there! My name is Rob, the Eccentric Englishman, and welcome to my blog. I’d like to share my adventures in Travel, Wine and Photography with you. Also, all the tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years.

As well as distant adventures, there is also more local to me bits to see and do in Southern England. See my Surrey Hills article for some local stuff…

trover scholarship pic

In July 2018 I was extremely pleased and honoured to be awarded the Trover Travel Scholarship. As they say, 

‘We are inspired every day by the beautiful discoveries you share with us. To honour the vibrancy and value that each of you brings to Trover, we created the $500 Trover Travel Scholarship. Each month, we award it to one traveller who has particularly inspired us with their photos and stories.’

I was also blown away to be in the running for the Best of Trover 2017! They even used my Marques De Riscal Photo as their header photo, as can be seen below.

best of trover 2017

So now I can actually call myself  ‘Award-Winning Photographer’!

The Marques De Riscal picture I took for my review of the Bodega there, the picture itself is from the Hotel on-site designed by Frank Gehry. It was all part of my series on Planning a trip to the Rioja Wineries Bodegas.

About The Eccentric Englishman

About The Eccentric Englishman


I have been travelling for a long time, my first overseas trip was to the USSR (Yes! I’m that old!) to see Moscow and Leningrad on a school trip at the tender age of 13. Since then I have seen many more countries but the list of places I want to visit never seems to get any shorter!

Eccentric Englishman

The Eccentric Englishman 

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I used to travel on a very strict budget, hotel choice was based on how cheap it was, after all, it was just a place to ‘bang my ear’ for the night. However, as I have got older I found the floors were getting harder and sofas getting more uncomfortable! Now I like to travel with a bit of comfort but still at a sensible price. I want to show you how to achieve all that. Let me give you the inspiration to go out and find your own fabulous destinations!

About The Eccentric Englishman

Niagra Falls from The Canadian side

Based in the UK, I tend to travel once or twice a month to Europe and beyond. I once had a proper job. Yeah, never again. I have been doing my own thing for so long now I forget what it’s like being told what to do. My grip on reality is also rather tenuous.

All the opinions in this blog, misguided or not are my own and I probably say things I shouldn’t….

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Fluff Bear

Fluff in his Dinner Jacket

Fluff in his Dinner Jacket, celebrating on his way to Malta

With me always is my travelling Bear, Fluff. He has a different view to most. He has his own passport and a B.A. Sky Flyers book which the crew fills in for him each flight. Last year we covered 49,032 together almost exclusively on British Airways Flights, so much so that some Cabin Crew started to recognise him. He will add his concise bear’s eye view to my thoughts in the form of a box near the bottom of each page. People often ask me, ‘Why a Bear?’ and I usually say ‘Did you see the Eccentric Englishman sign on the way in?’ For an interview with the bear, please see about Fluff Bear.

Look out for this

A Bears Eye View

mauritius sunrise

Mauritius sunrise


Also travelling with me on the big trips is Tam, my SO. She has a proper job so can’t be with me all the time but shares my passion for travel and exploration. She has lived and travelled all over the world from the Americas to the Far East.

Tam, my significant other with an idiot in the background…

Tam is a trained tailor who used to work in the film industry and you may have seen her work in the Harry Potter films and Pirates Of The Caribbean. 

About me

Gary Oldman – The costume is actually made from raw silk for its comfort and visible texture. Image credit tasteofcinema.com

Tam Made That Costume! – Image Credit pirates.wikia.com

I also include useful travel tips, Airline points programs and other money saving tips I use and to help make the most of your travel budget and time.

Your journey is just beginning!

If you have read this far down, you surely have too much time on your hands!

Wairu River Winery Panorama

Wairu River Winery

About The Eccentric Englishman