Black Horse Nuthurst.

The Black Horse Nuthurst is a village in West Sussex and is one of those delightful hidden places you can find scattered through Sussex. The village itself feels quite well to do which made the extremely reasonable prices in the Black Horse even more surprising! Ordinarily, a pub like this would stick an extra £5 on the prices, just because they could! 

Key Info

📍How to get there – Click on the Map link for GoogleMaps direction
💲Good Lower Priced Traditional Pub Food
🕘Mon-Fri 12 – 2.30pm & 6 – 11pm, Sat 12 – 11pm, Sun 12 – 10.30pm 🔗Website
Black Horse Nuthurst

Black Horse Nuthurst

As usual on these reviews, we were not paid to do it, we paid for our own food and drink out of our own pockets and the staff had no idea we were reviewing! Therefore, I feel our review is exactly as you would experience when visiting the pub.

The food at The Black Horse Nuthurst

The food is not cordon bleu but what I would describe as just good old ‘pub food’. I went for the Steak and Ale suet pudding and Tam went for the fish platter. Lunch here will certainly not break the bank. We had two main meals and soft drinks for about £30.
Steak and Ale Pudding - Black Horse Nuthurst
Fish Platter - Black Horse Nuthurst
(Long term readers at this point may be flabbergasted about soft drinks!  In my defence, I visited in October or Stoptober.  Yes, it’s one of those hideous portmanteau words but it essentially means I’m having a dry October!)


Bar - Black Horse Nuthurst

Bar – Black Horse Nuthurst

The building decor is a good compromise between contemporary and showing it’s old roots. In one section, they show a part of the exposed wall and the wattle inside. I tried to find a little of the history of the place but there was not a lot to discover. It’s either 16th or 17th century depending on the sources read!
Original Wall - Black Horse Nuthurst

Original Wall – Black Horse Nuthurst

It has a cosy feel to it with its fireplaces and low ceilings. The bar staff advised us to duck our heads on the way to the table. I found the bar and waiting staff to be friendly, efficient and helpful.
Fire Place - Black Horse Nuthurst

Fire Place – Black Horse Nuthurst

It is certainly worth booking a table. We reserved one with a phonecall. This, I think, proved to be a good idea, as on a Sunday lunchtime most of the tables had a reserved sign on them.

Black Horse Interior

Black Horse Interior

Overall, it has all the charm and character of a lovely country pub. At the back, it has that appealing moss on the roof look when looking at the building from the garden.

Back Garden - Black Horse Nuthurst

Back Garden – Black Horse Nuthurst

Pub Garden

Summer in the black horse Nuthurst garden would be bliss, I imagine. (I was there in October) There is a little stream/brook that runs through the garden, so just keep an eye on the kids when they are playing. There is a little bridge across the stream.
Garden - Black Horse Nuthurst

Garden – Black Horse Nuthurst


Nuthurst is just south of Horsham to the north of Cowfold. Click on the map for directions from Google Maps.
The Black Horse Inn
Nuthurst Street
West Sussex
RH13 6LH
Stream - Black Horse Nuthurst

 To reiterate, I don’t do paid reviews and I only include pubs that have something notable about them. However, If you know a pub that you think would make a good addition to this list, for historical or quirky reasons, leave a comment below in the ‘Post a Comment‘ section right at the bottom of the page. If it looks interesting, I will do one of my stealth visits and the review will be posted here. Not every pub makes the cut – perhaps three quarters do for various reasons. And the various reasons for a pub not making the cut are; bad service, bad food, bad experience and just plain boring..!

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