is, by far, my favourite website to use for booking accommodation. I like it for its simplicity and ease of use. You can even get cashback on it from Topcashback. See my how-to on Topcashback. It’s a simple site to use. Anyhow, back to If you use this link you’ll get £10 off!

How to Book

On the first page, put in your destination and travel dates then press the search. I’m using the example of Prague, one of my favourite cities.

You will then be presented a list of properties. And some search options above the list. You can sort by distance from the city centre, Review score and stars. I sort by price! When staying in a city and I’m out and about exploring, I tend not to worry about an expensive hotel, I’m hardly ever in the room to enjoy it! And when I am, my eyes are closed!

Map View

Then, I’ll have a look at the map view so I can see where the property is in relationship to the city centre and things I want to see. Each little dot on the map is a hotel.

Once I’ve found a likely looking dot, I’ll click on it for details. It’s far enough away from the centre to not be too noisy.



Yay! A botel, I have a soft spot for them. The top of the page are pictures of the property, scroll down to the middle for a description and bottom for the price and the range of rooms. Then all you do is reserve the room of your choice. Some accommodation will ask for payment, some let you reserve and make payment when you arrive. I print off the confirmation and take that with me. If you download the app to your phone, the confirmation will also be on your phone and you just show that to reception. 

A Bears Eye View

  • Use map view to choose location
  • sort by price
  • go to via topcashback

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