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BA Low Fare Finder

Booking – Half the fun of travelling can be in the planning. Just working out your next adventure can be tricky, how do you prioritise where to go next? Currently, I have a few trips booked but I’m looking for the next ‘thing’, the next adventure, the next jaw-dropping scene. How to find it?

Booking the Flight.

Ordinarily, If I’m just looking for inspiration and don’t have a particular destination in mind, I start by seeing what’s cheap! As I’m currently based in the UK,  A visit to the British Airways low fare finder site is my first port of call. (use your local airline of choice wherever you are) As you can see below the lowest price is listed for the year. Then click on the destination to reveal the cheapest month and day. The prices below are for Club Europe (business class).

Booking with BA Low Fare Finder

BA Low Fare Finder

A full ‘how to’ use the site can be found here.The key to this site is the flexibility to move your dates a bit.


When I have found the right destination it’s time to look at accommodation. Nine times out of ten I use I like the map option here so you can choose where the hotel is. In town for convenience or out of town for quietness.

Other checks

I will also do a quick check on Trover. This is a good site to see what’s around in the area.



Trover – Genoa as an example

Next, I’ll do a quick check for festivals or public holidays. If nothing is open because it’s a public holiday that can be bad. If there is a festival or event worth seeing, that’s great!

How far is the airport from the accommodation, what are public transport/taxi options? Also, I’ll check trip advisor for restaurant ideas and menus. This can be easier to do before you go as if you in a country with only a passing nod at the language, you want to make sure you get the right food you want.

Then, if all seems good I’ll go ahead with the booking. Usually, I’ll go direct via BA usually to book the flight and via a cashback website I use for

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