Car Wash Cenote.

If you have ever had a hankering to swim in a giant fish tank, and to be honest why wouldn’t you? Then I’ve got just the place for you! The Car Wash Cenote could be just what you been after all these years!

Car Wash Cenote Panorama

Only five minutes up the road from Gran Cenote, it’s a very different Cenote. This is the last in my series of different Cenotes to visit in the Tulum area. These offer a wildlife experience, a cave experience and Car Wash Cenote offers a fish tank experience! Let me tell you what I mean.

car wash cenote price

What is Car Wash Cenote Like?

Or Aktun-Ha to give it it’s proper name. To the uninitiated, me included, it just looks like a lake. The water is at ground level and is the perfect example of an open cenote. There is a platform you can dive off, should you wish, into the extremely clear waters. When we were snorkelling at Car Wash Cenote there were proper divers in it too!

Car Wash cenote jumping platform

As soon as you go under the water you see why I liken it to a giant fish tank. The water is pleasantly warm, there are many, many little fish swimming about with you in amongst the lily type plants. The photo below shows the true fish tank experience! There were lots of Guppies, Mollies and Platys in the cenote.

car wash cenote 1

However, photos can’t do it justice! You have to go there, or, the next best thing, see the video below!

However, we didn’t see the little croc that is supposed to inhabit the cenote! Perhaps you will?

As with all cenotes you have to wash off any insect repellent or sunscreen in the showers provided. This is so you don’t upset the delicate ecosystem. There are also lockers for you to use to store your kit while you swim.

Car wash cenote facilities

Car wash cenote facilities – they’re not about to win any cleanliness awards but they get the job done!

Car Wash Cenote is only five minutes up the road from Gran Cenote and is a huge contrast to the caves and bats there.

car wash cenote fish

Cost of Car Wash Cenote

$50 Pesos

About Cenotes

Sinkholes or, to give them their proper name, Cenotes, are numerous in this area of Mexico, the Yucatán Peninsula. They can just be holes in the ground, open to the air like little ponds and lakes. Or, they can have very small openings with big cave-like areas below.

Best Time to Visit

While not as crowded as Gran Cenote, the best time to visit Car Wash Cenote is early in the day or later afternoon.

Opening Times

It is open from 9 am – 5 pm.

How to Get There

Car Wash Cenote is just past Gran Cenote on the 109 from Tulum. Click the map for directions.

car wash cenote map

car wash cenote map

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