Chateau Giscours Margaux

Chateau Giscours Margaux Firstly, I like a Margaux. I’ve had numerous ones over the years and the Chateau Giscours Margaux is now safely in my top 5. The grounds and […]

Chateau Pape Clement

Chateau Pape Clement Firstly, Chateau Pape Clement is one of the oldest planted vineyards in the region, with the first harvests taking place around 1252. It was given to Bertrand de Goth when he became Archbishop of Bordeaux, […]

Chateau Cantenac – Saint Emilion Grand Cru

Chateau Cantenac – Saint Emilion Grand Cru Yes, the Bordeaux area! I always love visiting here. In addition to having family close by, there is an awful lot of wine […]