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Photography Tutorials

Photography Tutorials

Photography Tutorials Welcome to my Photography Tutorials page. On this page, I’ve gathered together all of my photography tutorials, hints and tips to help you take better photos.  We all […]

How to take Landscape Photographs – (21 Landscape Photography Tips)

How to take Landscape Photographs 21 Landscape Photography Tips Landscapes are a popular subject for many photographers but there’s a bit more to it than just clicking away with your […]


Composition – (A Step by Step Guide)

Composition This by no means, a comprehensive guide to composition. This is more a step by step dip your toe in ‘guide’ to some basic ideas behind the rules of […]

How to Photograph Seascapes

How to Photograph Seascapes

How to Photograph Seascapes Water is one of my favourite things to photograph and these are a few tips on how to photograph seascapes. Here, I will cover things like camera […]

photography tips and techniques

Top 10 Photography Tips (Helping You Take Amazing Pictures Today!)

Top 10 Photography Tips (Helping You Take Amazing Pictures Today!) Here are my top 10 Photography Tips and Techniques to help you take great photos. Knowing how to take better photos […]

Know your camera

Know your camera

Know your camera Know your camera sounds like an obvious thing but it is well worth repeating. You don’t want to be fiddling with the settings while the action is happening! Do […]

How to add presets to lightroom

How To Add Presets To Lightroom

How To Add Presets To Lightroom This tutorial will show you how to add presets to Lightroom. Lightroom, from Adobe, is a great tool for improving your photos and has […]

Planning your photos

Planning your Photos

Planning your Photos You may have read the title and thought, ‘What? Planning your photos?’ Let me take you through a real-life example. I’m off to Genoa and my time […]

Back up your photos

Backup your photos

It’s time to backup your photos Well, you’ve taken loads of nice photos. Excellent. Next, your hard drive fails. Now you have lost them all. Unfortunately, I have heard this […]

how to blur water

Water Photography Tips – How to Blur water

How to blur water for creative effect Ever wanted to add emotion and mood to your water photography? I’ve always enjoyed photographing water, finding it evocative and thought-provoking. Here are some […]

My Travel Camera Bag – (Updated 2018)

Inside My Travel Camera Bag Is this what every Travel Photographer should have in their bag? This is my list of essential photographic accessories inside my travel camera bag. I […]