Chateau Giscours Margaux.

Firstly, I like a Margaux. I’ve had numerous ones over the years and the Chateau Giscours Margaux is now safely in my top 5. The grounds and the chateau building are great, myself and John, my designated driver, translator, friend and an all-round good bloke had a look round while we waited for the tour to start. Particularly pleasing were the lemon trees outside the visitor centre.

Chateau Giscours can trace its roots all the way back to the fourteenth century. At that time it was just a tower overlooking a swamp. In spite of that, it was bought by Pierre de Lhomme, the area was drained as well as the work beginning in 1552 to turn it into the wine-producing chateau we see today. 

Dacha from Belarus was our guide for the tour. She is an intern at the winery and her English was better than mine! We had a very informative and interesting tour around the Chateau, with Dacha being able to answer all our questions.

Chateau Giscours Margaux

Soil cross-section

Surprisingly, the roots on some of the vines go down 20 metres! Yes, the tour was packed full of interesting information like this and I found it to be great value for money!

Chateau Giscours Margaux

The concrete fermentation tanks


Chateau Giscours Margaux


Tasting Chateau Giscours Margaux

Chateau Giscours Margaux is aged, not surprisingly, in French Oak Barrels. With aromas of dark fruits on the nose and nuanced spices on the palate, this wine was a real treat. Subtle flavours led to a complex yet accessible wine. 



I really liked the grounds of Chateau Giscours for its look and feel. Nobody lives in the chateau but the grounds are immaculately kept.

Chateau Giscours Margaux

Lemons growing outside of the visitor centre

Chateau Giscours Margaux – Conclusions

We spent a very pleasing hour on this tour with some great tasting wine. In fact, if you are looking for a classic Margaux experience, I can highly recommend this vineyard.

A Bears Eye View

  • 10 € per person for weekday tour
  • Opening hours: 9:30 ‐ 12:30 / 13:30 ‐ 17:30
  • Full details here
Chateau Giscours Margaux

Lemons growing outside the visitor centre

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