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A few of my favourite photos from Corralejo in the Canary Islands. Corralejo, is on the island of Fuerteventura. This is one of the Canary Islands and was indeed, a great out of season find. Not a Canary in sight obviously as the islands are named after Canaria, the Latin word for dog. This may be due to large dogs that were found on Gran Canaria. Alternatively, it may be due to the seals that used to live here which the Romans called sea dogs.

I mention out of season as I am not keen, in particular, on the thousands of tourists that flock here in the summer. To clarify, this is mainly due to me be a bit anti-social. Also, I do not like large crowds. But, when they have gone it becomes a different place. That is to say, the sleepy fishing villages return. If you are looking for a bit of winter sun, for example, I can thoroughly recommend it. Another key point is that average temperatures in the depths of winter are about 17 degrees making it pleasantly warm. 


Firstly, British Airways is my first choice for flights. I also belong to their loyalty scheme. For this reason, I am also an avid collector of Avios. With Avios, for instance, the price came down to a cracking £160 Business class return. Even if it is not British Airways, I would advise you, if you are a frequent flyer, to stick with one airline. Make sure that airline, has a significantly good loyalty scheme.


Then, of course, you will be rewarded for your loyalty to the airline. Some of the benefits I enjoy as a Gold member of the BAEC are, for example, free seat selection at time of purchase. Also, free access to first class lounges. Whatever class I travel of course. Free spa treatments before flights. And, in particular, being treated like a human and people using my name to address me. These, of course, are only a few of the benefits too! I truly believe that your holiday should start when you get to the airport.


Geologically, the Islands are volcanic, of course, formed by the Canary hotspot. Indeed, I found the landscape in some places, notably similar to mars in shape and colour! The islands are still geologically active with the last known eruption in 2011, just off the coast of El Hierro, the furthest south of the islands. The islands are a fascinating place and so long as it’s not high season, well worth a visit.

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