Welcome to my destinations page. If you’re looking for inspiration or just curious this is the place to be. Is also worth having a look at the Gallery where it’s purely pictures of my travels and adventures around the world.

However, there are some questions I cannot answer. The first one is “what’s your favourite place in the world?” I suppose the closest I could get would be, it depends!

It depends on so many factors, what I want to do at the time and what I’m trying to achieve from the trip.

If I was looking for a beach trip, and a lazy one at that, it would be something like Khao Lak, Thailand or Secrets Resort, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Also, some of the adults-only resorts in Mauritius are fabulous too.

inside my travel photography camera bag

Mauritius – Destinations

Thailand – Destinations

Mauritius – Destinations

Also, If I’m looking for scenery, I think it would be New Zealand purely because of its vast range. Rainforest in the North and glaciers in the South and everything in between

If it was rolling hills and tucked away little villages then it would probably be the Beskydy Mountains in the Czech Republic.

If I was looking for a city break, I have to say that Barcelona has been a favourite of mine because of the vibe and the works of Gaudi that are there. I love Prague too because of the Architecture and history there.

I have arranged all the information below by continent just to try and add some order.








Because I’m based in the UK, Europe is closest in terms of travel. I love the history in Europe and its mix of languages and cultures.