Doha – More than just a stopover

Doha Flying visit

Travelling Qatar.

When travelling business class long haul with Qatar Airways, if you stopover at Doha is more than 8 hours Qatar Airways may offer you a Transit Hotel. This was the case with us travelling back from Auckland, New Zealand. Stopping over for 17 hours, we stayed in The Oryx Rotana. We treated this as another mini holiday and made the most of it!

Hotel Driver

Hiring the hotel driver for a tour around town seemed to be the best way to make the most of our time in Doha and see the maximum amount of sights in the time available to us. The Oryx Rotana was a very nice spacious hotel with a good selection of restaurants and food outlets.

Qatar Airways even supplied us with food vouchers to use in the Hotel! Incidentally, this being the first time we have travelled with Qatar Airways I cannot really find fault with their service. I have a separate review of them here.



Not looking bad considering the 17 Hour flight

Doha Skyscrapers

Doha Skyscrapers

Obviously, Doha is hot, really hot, and we were glad to find the driver of the car cranking the air-con up as we entered the car. We drove around the old town and then across the bay to the new town for a really contrasting trip. In our opinion, it is very much like Dubai in some respects, everything in the new bit was incredibly clean and tidy.

Doha Skyscrapers

Doha Skyscrapers

Doha Skyscrapers

Doha Skyscrapers

Stopping in the old quarter we took the photo of us with the sabres across the road. Above all, it was very reminiscent of Cairo in Egypt with the look of the building and the feel of it. These, however, were just feelings.

Doha Conclusion

We both agreed on a proper trip back here would be in order. We have another stopover here in October 2017 on our way back from Thailand. Regrettably not for very long again. In conclusion, we think Doha is deserving of a trip in its own right.


Photographs were taken with a Samsung s7


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