Father Teds’s House.

Ah, craggy island! But actually Father Teds’s House is not on an island, it’s on mainland Ireland. The Island of Ireland. When I first saw it thought it was quite small. But then I realised it was actually quite far away…

Father Teds's House

Father Teds’s House Ireland

Father Teds’s House is actually a private dwelling but is open, by appointment for tea. Because you’ll have a cup of tea, won’t you? However, it is only open during the season. We were there at the end of October, and it was the last open day.

Inside Father Teds’s House

Of course, the people who run it are a great bunch of lads. The lady of the house showed us into the front room where there are groups of people all huddled around drinking their tea. it did feel a bit of an odd atmosphere. That was until a group of Irish lads turned up and the atmosphere lifted. Ha. Indeed they were a great bunch of lads! Of course, it doesn’t look like it does on the telly because the interiors were filmed in a studio. But there is more than a passing nod to its history.

Inside Father Teds's House

Inside Father Teds’s House

On the mantlepiece are a few bits of memorabilia. Including the hat of a bishop. And if it is conjuring images of Bishop Brennan we were informed that ‘that bit of skirting board’ is actually in that room. However, the house was mainly used for window shots, things like the ‘Chinese episode’ and even the black mark on the window has been faithfully reproduced.

tea at Father Teds's House

tea at Father Teds’s House

The house is owned by the same family as it was during the time the show was filmed. To be sure, the ladies daughter is actually in one episode as a baby

In the hallway, it has a few bits and pieces for sale. I bought a ‘tunnel of goats’ badge. I could also have had an ‘I love my brick’ badge. it was a tough choice, as Father Jack is the character I most identify with!

i love my brick

So if you are looking for a fun hour in the Galway area do make an appointment to have a cup of tea. Go on, go on, go on, go on!

How to get to Father Teds’s House

Unless you have an appointment, you can’t enter the grounds of the house, but that didn’t stop hordes of visitors from stopping in the lane outside and taking pictures of the house. Also, I’ll include a map below which is clickable for google directions.

Glenquin House Glenquin Kilnaboy, Ennis, Co. Clare, V95 VY2F, Ireland

Website: http://www.fathertedshouse.com/

Father Teds House map

Father Teds House map

Father Teds's House

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