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One Man's Adventures in Travel and Wine


Wine is another passion of mine. I love travelling and finding new wines to taste. Come and explore some great wines and great locations with me.


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At the top, you’ll also find other links to click on about the subjects I write and review. These opinions, and that’s all they are, are my passions and interests. I’ll say things I shouldn’t and even stuff you might not agree with but they will be all my own words and pictures. I’ve never been accused of taking myself too seriously and have an irreverent view of most things. No true Eccentric Englishman would be complete without his bear.My travelling bear is called Fluff. Fluff is my constant companion and will occasionally offer his opinions at the end of my blogs. See an Interview with Fluff Bear for more information. Read on to discover our world….

One Man's Adventures in Travel and Wine

Fluff in his Dinner Jacket

One Man’s Adventures in Travel and Wine

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The Eccentric Englishman – Never knowingly serious – One Man’s Adventures in Travel, Photography and Wine





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