This gallery is a few of my favourite photos from our trip to Geneva. The idea of this trip was a very spur of the moment thing! This was one of the weird ones!

‘Ah, what do you want to do next weekend?’

‘Let’s go to Geneva for the day’

‘Yay! Of course, let’s go!’

So, off we went on a day trip to Geneva. We decided to base the trip via Geocaching. If you don’t know what that is, see my explanation about Geocaching. In brief, it’s a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. It uses GPS, we use our smartphones. You are given GPS coordinates and you have to find the cache at the coordinates. Then you sign the paper in the geocache to say you’ve been there.

That, in short, is Geocaching in a nutshell. We like it because it appeals to our inner geek! The geocaches are mostly at locations with, in general, something of interest.


Geocaching Map of Geneva

Geocaching Geneva

So, using Geocaching as a guide, we headed into the city. Our route took us down the side of the river to the confluence. This is the joining of the Rhone and Arve rivers. The Rhone is the river which leaves lake Lehman, you know, the one with the big water jet in, on the above map. The Arve, the river at the bottom of the map, is full of silt where the Rhone, above on the map, is crystal clear. The joining of these two rivers, the confluence, is certainly something to behold. Its where crystal clear waters meet the silt-laden waters and mix together.


The confluence, the joining of the crystal clear Rhone, left and the silt-laden Arve, right

Yeah, we wouldn’t have seen this were it not for the geocaching app. It led us down the side of the Rhone and then onto a railway bridge with a fantastic view of the confluence.


Of course, on a day trip everything has to be a bit hurried and rushed. We walked quite a few miles that day and caught the last plane home. A day trip is a good way of doing a smaller city and I’d definately do it again.

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