A few of my favourite photos from Genoa. Genoa, in Italy, is a historic port city. Situated in the North it is still a major port today. Christopher Columbus, in particular, was born in the region. And in fact, a replica of his house can be seen in the town. The original, in this case, was lost in the French Bombardment of Genoa in 1684, has been faithfully recreated. With this in mind, it’s nice going somewhere that the British are not responsible for destroying or cocking up. As history teaches us of course, the British usually manage to ruin most things we touch!

To be sure, Genoa old town is a delight. I found it full of twisting alleyways, for instance, the kind you only get in really old towns. Correspondingly, the old buildings and ruins to be found in this city are well worth a visit.

In the harbour area, there is a fully functioning pirate ship as well as numerous bars and restaurants to relax and enjoy some great food and wine. Food and wine, of course, are great because it’s Italy! I’ve certainly had some amazing wines all throughout Italy. Indeed whether at large restaurants or just small cafes, there are some real gems in a bottle to be sure!


As I have said before, and I’ll say it again, if you are a frequent flyer, to stick with one airline or partnership. Make sure that airline, has a significantly good loyalty scheme. Firstly, British Airways is my first choice for flights. I also belong to their loyalty scheme. For this reason, I am also an avid collector of Avios. With Avios, for instance, the price came down to only £60 for a Business class return. 

All this aside, in short, I didn’t like Genoa as much as I thought I would. Undoubtedly, something didn’t gell for me in this city. To be sure, I don’t usually get this feeling. So, I shall go back soon as I never like to leave it that way!

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