Guggenheim Bilbao Gallery

Welcome to my Guggenheim Bilbao Gallery. I have reviewed my trip in full Guggenheim Bilbao Review

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

But, I just wanted to share some additional photos that didn’t make it into my blog. The building itself is stunning, changing throughout the day as the light changes.

When looking at it I got the impression of a stately ship slowly making its way downriver. However, I describe it will not do it justice, of course! The photos speak for themselves!

As usual, for this trip BA Business Class was my prefered method of transport but if you are looking for a dirt cheap getaway, British Airways can give you a ticket for between £60 – £80 return. Click on the link to visit the BA low fare finder website.

Guggenheim Bilbao Gallery

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Some Useful Books

About the Museum

Museum Entry (prices correct at time of writing)

Adults: 10 €
Senior: 6 €
Groups: > 20 pax. 9 €
Students: (< 26 years) 6 €

Open every day except Monday, see below for more information;

Hours and admission

A Bears Eye View

  • Designed by Frank Gehry
  • Sinuous curves
  • Made of stone, glass and Titanium
  • A must see in Bilbao
  • Built in the old port area
  • Generated millions for the local economy


More information can be found on the Guggenheim’s own website, here

Jeff Koons Wiki

Louise Bourgeois Wiki

Photographs were taken with Nikon D40x and 18-55mm lens and Samsung s7

For more Gehry Architecture, see here 

Guggenheim Bilbao Gallery

Guggenheim Bilbao Gallery

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Photography Tutorials


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