Historic Pubs of Surrey

London , of course, is the main place to see in the south of England but there is a lot more to the south than London. To get a real experience of England and absorb some of its history head out of London to the historic pubs of Surrey!

Britain is famous for its history and nowhere is that more in evidence than the village pub. A meeting place and, in fact, the centre of the village for centuries, the village pub is steeped in history. If you like olde-worlde, Harry Potter-esque places, this list is for you! Below is the list of my favourite Historic Pubs of Surrey.

Local Knowledge of the Historic Pubs of Surrey

Living in Surrey, I certainly know the pubs of Surrey well! I have chosen the ones on my list for a number of reasons. Sometimes they are old or quirky and some have great food and drink. Some, of course, have all of these features. In this case, I have been to every single pub on this list multiple times to check the quality. Aahhh, don’t thank me, it’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it! A lot of the Historic Pubs of Surrey listed here are regular favourites where I happily go and spend my time and money, who knows, I might see you there! The list is in no particular order, but if you click on the title, it will take you to my review page where I give a full review of them and photos.

Old World Interior

Honest Reviews

None of the historic pubs of Surrey listed below paid for a review or, indeed, were even aware they were being reviewed. I, of course, paid for my own food and wine. This way the review offers an honest opinion of the pub, not influenced by anything except the quality of the food and service.

Lots of historic pubs of Surrey were shortlisted but the ones that made the list are, in my opinion, really special. Each review comes with contact info for the pub and a map courtesy of Google Maps. Just click on the map to get directions via Google. I have tried to include prices, but of course, they are subject to change. Menus are also subject to change and are available on all the pubs’ websites. A link is included at the bottom of each page along with opening times.

Historic Pubs of Surrey

The White Horse – Shere

The village of Shere is one of the most picturesque in the UK in my opinion and has certainly been used in many films. This pub with its good value food appeared in The Holiday.
Historic Pubs of Surrey

Dog and Pheasant – Brook, Godalming

An old medieval hall house, it was built in the late 15th century. With the kitchen’s emphasis on quality local ingredients this pub is indeed worth a look!

The Crown – Chiddingfold

A 14th Century pub visited by commoners and Royals alike, that just oozes history with oak beams, sloping floors and stained glass. One of the oldest Pubs in Surrey it is one of the most historically important pubs in Surrey as well.

The White Hart – Witley

A modern smoked meat / BBQ twist in a 900-year-old building. One of the oldest pubs in Surrey, the White Hart Witley is well worth a visit for its modern take and quirkiness

The Plough – Coldharbour

A 17th Century coaching Inn with, surprisingly, its own brewery! situated in the stunning Surrey Hills! Designated an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) the Surrey Hills are well worth a visit

Why Visit the Historic Pubs of Surrey

While being a very personal list, I have tried to only put Historic Pubs with only good food and atmosphere on this list. The range of dates of these pubs is huge, some of the oldest on this list are 900 years old.

It used to be the case that food in Britain was terrible! That has been changing over the last 20 years. While keeping some of the more traditional items on pub menus, fish and chips anyone? There has been a move towards a more worldwide menu.

Drink has always been important to the British and, of course, we have always had great beer. Real Ales are a real prize, and it’s always worth trying some of the local brews. One of the pubs on this list has its own brewery on site,such as the Plough at Coldharbour. If that is not to your taste, wines are made in the UK with some promising vineyards. Of course, wines from all over the world are also available!

Artisan spirits are also available, with Gin making a resurgence in the UK, there are some interesting local concoctions to try!


Click here for a Map of Surrey. For more information on Surrey see this Wiki article




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