Hotel Trieste Catania.

Ahhh, the Hotel Trieste Catania. I was trying to do my Sicily trip as cheap as possible. It was sort of a nostalgia-themed trip! Not that I had been to Catania before, it was the feeling of travelling cheaply like I used to do, that type of nostalgia. Yes, in those days! I’m mid 40’s now but I’m talking 20 years ago when money was tighter. And I was a hell of a lot fitter!

So, I wanted a hotel with a cheap and good location. The rest of it didn’t matter so much, for city breaks I only use a hotel as somewhere to bang my ear, even now. And the Hotel Trieste Catania fit the bill. It was clean simple with comfortable beds, in fact, all you could need as a base for exploring Catania. Also, did I mention it was cheap!!!

‘As usual, on these reviews, I was not paid to do it. I paid for the accommodation out of my own pocket and the staff had no idea I was reviewing! Therefore, I feel the review is exactly as you would experience when visiting the Hotel.’

How to get there

From the airport, it’s a short taxi ride away and that’s exactly what I did. After the flight, I just want to get to the hotel so I coughed up for a taxi which took me straight there. As an aside, I have a problem with flying. I’m a lot better than I was. But, I still am not a happy bunny in the air. Check out my Overcome your fear of flying article. But this trip, as we were coming into land at Catania, we had to do a ‘go around’. That’s not quite an aborted landing but close to it! As your coming in, all of a sudden the plane’s engines wind up and the attitude of the plane changes to climb. Scary stuff if you don’t like flying. But enough of that, let’s get on to the Hotel Trieste Catania.

Hotel Trieste Catania Outside
Hotel Trieste Catania outside 3
Hotel Trieste Catania outside 2

The Hotel and Check-In

Initial entrance when checking in is a buzzer arrangement, so press the button, talk to reception and the buzz you in. Of course, once you’ve checked in, you have a key to come and go as you please. But it’s nice to know that not just anybody can wander into the hotel. Also, Check-in was a simple affair with names addresses and a copy of the passport taken and then you are good to go.


The rooms at the Hotel Trieste Catania are not amazingly special but at this price, they are brilliant! And I mean that, for what you get! A clean and tidy room, all the amenities you require and a surprising amount of space. What more do you need? As I often say, I’m just ‘banging my ear’ in a hotel. Meaning I just use my hotel for sleeping on a city break. Indeed, I don’t spend massive amounts of time in the room as I want to be out seeing the sights.

Hotel Trieste Catania Bed

As you can see from the photos, plenty of space in the room. There was also a bit of a balcony on the room which overlooked the street. To be sure, for the price it was a very good hotel with a few thoughtful touches that you would expect at a slightly higher price.

Hotel Trieste Catania bedroom

The keen-eyed amongst you may notice the air conditioning. It’s a useful addition in the summer. Please do ignore my rubbish all over the spare bed in the room. But it is worth mentioning the spare bed. The room I had made for a good family room. Also, I even used the little table a chair as a desk to write the beginnings of this review.

As can be seen below, the bathroom is fine, and the bidet is always a welcome extra.

Hotel Trieste Catania Bathroom1
Hotel Trieste Catania Bathroom

Ok, not the most modern facilities you’ll see but more than happy with them for the price. I know I keep mentioning the price but it is relevant here in accordance with your expectations. For the price, I paid I was happy with what I got. If I was paying £150 per night, this, and you can trust me on this, would be a very different review.

Surrounding Area

The surrounding area can be a bit noisy but I didn’t really have a problem when the windows were closed. This is to be expected in a busy town, it’s the joy of having something so close to the centre of town. 

Catania, I found to be a slightly strange and weirdly brilliant place. See here for things to see in Catania and check out the video below. Also, the transport links and exact details on how to use the buses to get to Etna the bus to Taormina can be found at the bottom of the article.



The Hotel Trieste Catania is a basic hotel that is cheap, central and easy to get to. I think this sort of place is ideal for a city break if you are like me. And by that, I mean out exploring and only using the hotel as a base. Also, the staff were very pleasant and helpful! I spent a total of 3 nights, 4 days at the hotel. It proved a great base for seeing Catania as well as Taormina and Etna. Handy for local transport and close to all that mattered, you could do a lot worse than Hotel Trieste Catania.

Location and Website

Hotel Trieste Catania

Hotel Trieste Catania

Address – Via Leonardi, 24, 95131 Catania CT

website – Hotel Trieste

For my full adventures in Catania, see below

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Hotel Trieste Catania


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