How many electrical devices do you take on holiday?.

Okay, the question is How many electrical devices do you take on holiday? I’m just packing my bags for Mexico just can’t believe how many electrical devices I’m having to pack. Also, how many devices I’m having to charge up to make sure they’ve got juice in before I go.

It’s just soooo much stuff! It would appear at first glance my bag was packed by a deranged kleptomaniac squirrel with a gadget fetish!

Indeed, it does seem a ludicrous amount! Yes in the bad old days I think it was just a camera that I had. But now, as well as the digital camera with four batteries, there are kindles, shotgun mics, go pro, a little laptop, power banks and all sorts of other things which, because they have lithium-ion batteries will have to go in my hand luggage.

Overcome your fear of flying

How many electrical devices do you take on holiday?

And luggage seems to be a worry these days. Whether it’s because I’m getting older or whether it’s actually an English condition because I don’t remember a time when I didn’t worry about this. ‘This’, is a condition that even though I packed my own bags I’m worried as I go through customs that somehow, miraculously I’ve accidentally packed a dead weasel and 3 kg of coke in my bags.

I know I have nothing to hide going through customs but then why do I still worry? Is it just me?

It’s this famous English condition. Like the disappointment of finding a cup of tea around the house that you’d forgotten about. There is nothing sadder than the site of a forgotten cup of tea! And obviously, when I say nothing sadder it’s a relative term!

How many electrical devices do you take on holiday?

How many electrical devices do you take on holiday?

I’ve had to make a checklist which I print out every flight to avoid the pain of not having the right bit of kit with me when I’m away…

The List

So let’s make a list of all the electrical items I seem to have

  • camera and four batteries
  • Kindle
  • go pro thing with two batteries
  • power bank
  • another power bank
  • laptop and charger
  • universal converter plug
  • six-way gang extender
  • mobile phone
  • also, all the cables that go with these things!
  • shotgun mic for the camera and 5m extension lead
  • wireless extender for laptop
  • wireless phone charger
  • HDMI lead
  • Memory Stick
  • External Hard Drive
  • Portable Mouse
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View of Doha, Qatar

That’s Heavy! –  camera gear in your carry on![/one-half

Of course, all that gear in your carry on is heavy! Just look at my unhappy face as I stagger towards a flight in Doha. And, I’m not staggering because of the hospitality at the famous Al Mourjan Business Lounge. Also, all Lithium-Ion batteries must go into your hand luggage – none in the hold! So camera gear, batteries, a change of clothes and my bear makes for a heavy carry on! The electricals that can go in my bag do but that makes for a heavy suitcase! I’ve just had to whittle it down from 27 kilos to 23kg. And of course, I sacrificed clothes and shoes for the electricals! Okay, I take more camera gear than most but even so!


 All the electricals soon build up and I was amazed at how much I take. So, to answer the question for myself – How many electrical devices do you take on holiday is… a lot!

What about you?

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How many electrical devices do you take on holiday

How many electrical devices do you take on holiday?

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