How to Collect Avios.

What are Avios

They used to be called Airmiles, Avios is just the new(ish) name for them. They are a travel reward point that you can redeem for flights, upgrades, hotels and more. But how to collect Avios? First of all, you need to sign up for a British Airways Executive Club account and an Avios account. Don’t worry, they are both free. Just click on the blue links, it’ll only take a couple of minutes. I’ll see you back here in a bit.

How to collect Avios

Ah, it’s yourself, you’re back. I told you it wouldn’t take long. In general, Avios can be collected on you everyday shopping as well as earned on flights and hotel bookings among other things.

Be that as it may, it’s a broad-ranging statement with very little substance.

To demonstrate, let me take you through how I earn Avios!

On Flights

You can collect Avios on flights you take. I’ll use British Airways as the example as they are the main – but not the only airline that uses them. Here are a selection of screenshots from British Airways

 how to collect Avios

The above screenshot is Avios earning from a Flight from Auckland to Doha with Qatar Airways. As you can see, I earned a shade over 9,000 Avios for the standard flight and a Cabin bonus of over 2000 because I was travelling in Business Class. As Qatar Airways is a member of The ‘One World’ Alliance you can choose to have your Avios credited to your British Airways account. You choose this option when you book the flight. Now let’s have a look at earning on a British Airways flight.

How to collect avios

Above is a screenshot of an Avios statement for a Genoa to Gatwick flight. It’s similar to the Qatar one with the standard flight earning and cabin bonus. You will also notice on this one a Tier Bonus. Because I am a Member of the British Airways Executive Club I get a bonus. And because I am a Gold member I get a bigger bonus. For more on BA membership, see here.

How else can I collect?

Okay, you collect Avios on flights, but what if you don’t fly that often? There are other ways. Topcashback earnings can be transferred to Avios. What’s Topcashback? Basically, you get money back for everyday purchases.

part pay with avios

Additionally, you can convert your Tesco Clubcard points to Avios. In the Clubcard section on the Tesco website, you have the choice to send them to your British Airways Executive Club account or your standard Avios account.

The sharp-eyed amongst you would have noticed a ‘Finance Card AMEX BA spend’ on the last picture. British Airways have their own American Express Card. For what you spend on it, you receive points.


how to collect avios

Here at the top of the above picture, you will notice a ‘Combine My Avios’. The two accounts, the BA exec and the Avios one, can be linked so you can transfer points between the two. It is easy to do, it’s known as ‘Combine my Avios’ see the screenshot below

how to collect avios

While you are at, see their ways to collect. There is a huge list of shops and businesses you can collect Avios with.

how to collect Avios


There are some specialist websites that contain a lot more info on collecting Avios. I recommend Head for Points not just for Avios information but deals and flight sales as well.


A Bears Eye View

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