This is a selection of my favourite pictures from my trip to Ibiza. Those that know me certainly know I didn’t go for the music, I went to take pictures of the night sky!

However, that didn’t go according to plan! I was there primarily to get pictures of the stars and I gambled that the sky would be clear. I lost that gamble as there was a high cloud at night but the seascapes were excellent. Of course, the flights were with British Airways. A business class return worked out about £100 after I used some Avios to bring the price down.

I used a local company to transfer me to the Northeast of the Island. They were very reasonable but the wait time was about 40 minutes before the bus arrived so not ideal. However, it did save about £80 on the cost of a taxi.

I’d only planned two nights, three days on Ibiza, what with other projects on the go at the moment, it was all the time I could spare. But even with that short time, I managed to get a lot done.

Staying at an all-inclusive resort, I felt it a bit tired and run down. But, my plan involved me being out most of the time so the resort as such didn’t matter. Being East facing I knew sunrises would be a possibility and indeed, as you can see below, it was ideal.


As I say the star pictures didn’t work out, you need a very dark sky location, which I was at in that particular part of the island but with a few clouds scattered in the sky, it just wouldn’t work. But, what with the sunrises and night shots, I managed to get I was happy overall. And, when I wasn’t working, I sat in the sun drinking Strawberry Daquiris.

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