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Batam Island in Northern Indonesia is completely different from Bali, the Indonesia most people know! While, of course, the scenery is similar, there is none of the commercialism! My Indonesia Gallery is a few of my favourite photos from Indonesia.

sense of scale

Indonesia Gallery – Abang Island

We had flown to Singapore and used it as a base. We spent a few days in the city, but I wanted to explore further and I get itchy feet if I stay in one place too long! And Indonesia is within easy reach from Singapore.

Batam Island

The island of Batam is only a 30-minute ferry ride from Singapore and we docked at a place called Sekupang. Our base was to be the KTM resort nearby. This was, undoubtedly, a great place to stay with some quirky cabins overlooking the Singapore Strait. Also, it has a swimming pool, hammocks, a place to snorkel and many other activities to do. It was a great contrast after Singapore and the price was right. We paid around £26 per night to stay there which, of course, compared to Singapore was amazing. In fact, compared to most places it’s amazing! Check out the KTM reviews on TripAdvisor.



The highlight of the trip for me was the snorkelling at Abang Island. There were amazing fish pristine white sands and proper deserted tropical desert islands! Check out my Snorkelling at Abang Island for full details.

A Great Break

If you are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of Singapore I can thoroughly recommend Batam for a break. And, as I mentioned the prices were very reasonable, including getting there! We used a company call Batam Fast. Also, the Batam Fast website was straightforward and a return was about £25. Although the ferry was clean and modern, the PA system sounded like two yoghurt pots on a bit of string in terms of sound quality!

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