Know your camera

Know your camera sounds like an obvious thing but it is well worth repeating. You don’t want to be fiddling with the settings while the action is happening! Do you want to be able to freeze the action or take beautiful landscapes? Do you want to take candid portraits or street scenes? Most of the time, you might want to keep it on program mode, however, this can be a bit limiting.

Know your camera


My own personal habit is to keep the camera on aperture priority when I’m out and about taking general travel photos. I have a small wheel on the front of the camera right by my finger to increase or decrease the aperture to give me control of depth of field and shutter speed.

Know your Camera

Consequently, if there is an action shot, something happening quickly or I just want the thing I’m focusing on in focus, I can do it just by setting the aperture to F4 or lower. Conversely, if I want lots of depth of field I can set the aperture to F22. Also, make sure you know how to turn the flash off on your camera. Artificial flash in some situations can kill a photo.

Know your Camera

Work out your system

Ultimately, it is personal preference but work out for you, what you are mainly photographing that day and have your camera set on that so that you are ready to shoot at a moments notice.

If you are out taking general photos maybe fit a zoom lens instead of a prime so you are more flexible. Have a think about what photos you want to get. If you are not sure on the best way, look at your camera manual or Google the question. Also, Youtube may be able to help.

Know your camera – In Conclusion

Ultimately, the only way to get to know your camera is to practice, practice, practice!

But that’s great!

You now have an excuse to get out and take some fantastic photos!

Below is a selection of the actual gear I use. For the full list of equipment I use to take all these photos check out My Travel Camera Bag  

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Photography Tutorials

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Definitive Guide to the Basic Essentials


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How to Photograph Seascapes

Composition – Learn the rules of composition, then break them.

Shutter Speed – Slow Shutter Speed Tips and how to avoid Camera Shake.

Use a Polarising Filter – Take away reflections and boost colours.

Fooling your camera’s internal light meter is easy! – Bracket your shots.

Light changes dramatically with the time of day! Know what’s best for your shot.

Know Your Camera –  Know where all the buttons are for when the perfect shot comes.

The Depth of Field – What’s in focus in your picture and what’s not.

Backup and Memory Cards – and spread your trip out over them.

Plan your Photographs – Spend time on Google street view getting to know the area.

Take your time  For less time editing – Walk around the subject and try from different angles.

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