KTM Resort – Batam Island Indonesia.

The reason we stayed at KTM Resort on Batam Island, Indonesia was simple. I wanted to go snorkelling. And, Singapore isn’t great for that. There was an organised snorkelling tour from Batam centre that goes to Abang Island for the crystal clear turquoise seas to be found there. 

How to get there

So, I looked for a hotel near Sekupang Ferry Terminal and the KTM Resort popped up.  Sekupang is a 40-minute ferry ride from Singapore, where we were staying.

Batam Fast Ferry

We travelled from Singapore Harbour Front to Sekupang – only 1km from the KTM Resort

From the High Tech Singapore to the down to earth Indonesia made a great contrast to our trip. If you are looking for a weekend getaway from Singapore, I can’t recommend it enough!

There is a free shuttle available for transfers to and from Sekupang Ferry Terminal. They can be organised by contacting reception. However, we just got a Taxi. It’s 900 metres as the crow flies and having just come from Singapore, an Indonesian Taxi was cheap by comparison.

KTM Resort Kwan IM

KTM Resort – Kwan IM

This was the first time I’d stayed somewhere with its own Temple! Above, is a 21-metre statue of Kwan Im, a Buddhist god outside the temple on the hill at the KTM resort. 

RTM Resort Monkey

There is also a small temple dedicated to a monkey god too. Also, you can see how close to Singapore the KTM resort is. You can see Singapore on the horizon!

Rooms at the KTM Resort

You can choose between 3 types of room, Seafront villa, Two bedroom villa and a deluxe villa. We chose the Seafront Villa. The rooms were more than adequate for the money paid. Ours were £26 per night for the room. For me, rooms are not that important a factor. I might spend 8-9 hours in the room and, of course, about 7 of those hours my eyes are closed.

View from the Balcony - Ktm resort

View from the Balcony of a Seafront Villa

Happily, the rooms were clean and tidy. The bathroom was sufficient and there is a flat screen TV on the wall. I assumed it worked but I was too busy doing stuff to try it. As you can see from the pictures below, the seafront villas, villas is too strong a word as they are quite small, were in an almost arts and crafts style.

KTM Resort
KTM Resort

I liked them, they were small but perfectly functional and most of the time we were out of the room anyway. Pleasingly, our room had aircon! It was a blessing, to be sure! 

Seafront Room - KTM Resort

Seafront Villas – KTM Resort

Hotel Areas

There is an outdoor seating area and bar where you can watch the sunset over the water. With a nice cocktail, of course, as we did several nights. The chairs are really comfortable and the seafront breeze helps keep the temperature slightly more sensible. Serving a nice selection of dishes, it’s a sort of Bar and Grill menu.

Sunset at KTM resort

Sunset over the Singapore Strait

There is a full-on restaurant on site, of course,  specialising in fresh seafood. Extremely fresh seafood, as you can see below! Breakfast is also served in the main restaurant.

Restaurant at KTM Resort

Restaurant at KTM Resort

The service people are indeed very helpful. Always ready to help, polite and courteous goes a long way in my book.

Facilities at KTM Resort

As you would expect for a seaside resort, there are lots of activities available on a water theme, such as banana boats, tubes and wakeboards. Also, the KTM Resort has an outdoor pool. They even have their own lagoon, where I tried the snorkelling in the calm area that you can see below. Taking the opportunity to test my own combined mask and snorkel before our main snorkelling event.

They made me wear a life jacket as well. It makes it extremely difficult to dive down but I guess it’s a health and safety requirement.

Snorkelling at KTM Resort

Snorkelling at KTM Resort

KTM Resort Conclusions

I really enjoyed it here. For what you pay, it’s great. Indeed, the prices are extremely reasonable! £26 – £30 per night is the price. Including free wifi too! It makes a great base to explore the island or just to relax for a few days.

A chance to relax - KTM Resort

Hammocks at the KTM Resort

And the snorkelling we went to Batam for? Brilliant! Check out the post and the video – Snorkelling at Abang Island

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