Marrakesh Gallery.

This is a collection of my favourite, for various reasons, photographs of my Marrakesh Gallery. If you have not been to Marrakesh it is an amazing place to visit. Click here for my full Marrakesh Blog rather than just these pictures.

Marrakesh Gallery

Sunset at Koutoubia Mosque

So, let’s start off with a cliche.

Marrakech is an assault on the senses.

And speaking of cliches, there are many to be seen on a Marrakech City break.

Snake charmers? Check.

Souks? Check.

Spices? Check.

Monkies dressed in human clothing? Check. (Disturbing and so wrong).

The sounds, smells and life of the city can be quite overwhelming. And the main square is busier than an Ant-Eater at a free ‘all you can eat’ termite buffet.

If you do feel like visiting Marrakech, my top tip is to go in the spring or autumn. During the summer it is cheaper but most of the citizens of the city head to the Atlas Mountains where it is cooler. Of course, it gets extremely hot in the city during the summer. It’s Africa.

If you are looking to buy something don’t forget to haggle! the rough guide is a third off the original price. Also, make sure you have space in your luggage for whatever you buy!

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Marrakesh Gallery

Marrakesh Gallery

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