Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips



booking cheap business class flights

Booking Cheap Business Class Flights

Booking Cheap Business Class Flights – Long Haul. Booking Cheap Business Class Flights – Sometimes you could be forgiven for thinking I’m a little, shall we say, unhinged? Well, based […]

BA Low Fare Finder

Booking – How I choose a destination cost effectively

Booking – Half the fun of travelling can be in the planning. Just working out your next adventure can be tricky, how do you prioritise where to go next? Currently, […]


Money Saving Tips

Who doesn’t like saving money? The above Money Saving Tips are what works for me. These are the things I do when booking, buying or organising my travel. Some you have to put a little work in for. Some are easy. But they are all designed to save you money.

Whether it will be on travel, accommodation or just general shopping these tips can help you save big time! I have some standard money saving tools that I use time and time again. Topcashback,, the BA low fare finder and Head for Points are my main ‘go to’ ones.

Money Saving Tips – The Breakdown


It’s the site I use for everyday shopping as well as airport taxis, booking some flights and tech shopping among others. See this link

My ‘go to’ choice for hotel bookings. A quick and easy site to use and you can get cashback on it too! See this link here

British Airways Low Fare Finder

With British Airways being my airline of choice and being a one-world member, I use the low fare finder to find the cheapest fares. With various settings, you can find the cheapest fares by month and day in Business Class or economy. See this link

Head For Points

A great site that does all the leg work for you. Sign up for the emails and you’ll be notified of the three daily articles. I use it to find flight sales. Sign up here