MRT – How to get around Singapore.

There are a number of ways to get around Singapore of course, and I just wanted to give their metro system some love! Below is my MRT – How to get around Singapore guide. The Metro (or MRT) was the best way, we found, to get around the city.

It was quick and efficient, not to mention air-conditioned, which is a great help in Singapore!

That’s the one thing you’ll notice about Singapore, it’s hot. I mean really hot. Hotter than a hot thing that is hot! The humidity in Singapore goes all the way up to 11! And if you’re not used to it, it can be draining.

The Metro system is easy to use, indeed, pretty much like every other metro system you’ve used. The difference is, it’s just better! It is completely automated, the trains operate on a driverless system, making them quick and efficient.

Clean and Efficient - MRT - how to get around Singapore

Clean and Efficient – MRT – How to get around Singapore

The one thing you will notice about the trains is that they are remarkably clean. Amazingly clean! Not a sign of graffiti anywhere! It is very different, of course, to London !

Saving money on MRT Fares

You can just pay for a standard fare, however, we found it best to use the travel card. These can be bought at any station for $12. For your $12 it comes loaded with $7 worth of travel. Also, at the end of your stay in Singapore, you can get back any remaining credit at any station.

The MRT Travel Card operates on a touch in, touch out system. As you touch in, the card is read. This shows your balance and then the barriers open. Then when you touch out at the end of your journey, the fare for your journey is deducted.

As you touch out you can see how much that particular journey has cost you as well as total balance left on the card. The fares are worked out by distance, the further you travel more you pay. Then the barriers open, as can be seen below in the video.

Of course, the stations have individual names and are on certain lines. So far so normal. Like a lot of metro systems, the trick is to determine your direction of travel by knowing the station at the end of the line in the direction you want to travel.


Another great thing about the driverless system is that the train always pulls up at the correct position. The doors of the train open and then the doors of the platform open. As can be seen above, there are clear directions to leave space for people exiting the train. The green arrows are for people exiting and the red arrows are the waiting area for the people about to get on the train.

I can think of many Metro Systems around the world that could do with this polite reminder! 

MRT - How to get around Singapore

MRT – How to get around Singapore

Screens show when the next train is due and how long until it arrives. Also listed on the screen is its final destination

Above the doors when you get on the train is the direction of travel and what line it is.


There are strict rules inside the train, drinking or eating on the train will cost you $500, smoking on the train will cost you $1000, carrying flammable liquids on the train will cost you $5000 and amusingly having Durians on the train, is also not allowed! For those who don’t know what a durian is, it is a really stinky fruit! However, the fine for having these on the train was not specified.

No stinky durians

MRT – Airport to City Centre

Of course, you can use the MRT to get from Singapore Airport to the City Centre. At Changi Airport, you can find the MRT station at the basement of Terminal 2. Just follow the ‘Trains to City’ signs. Ride time is about 30 minutes, depending on where you are going in the city.

Conclusions – MRT – How to get around Singapore

I will say it again, I was just amazed at how clean, tidy and efficient the Metro system in Singapore was. It really is a joy to use. Also, with the added bonus of air conditioning, it made for a really pleasant travel experience.

Look for the MRT Logo as above on signposts to find the entrances to the MRT. Free maps in hotels will also have MRT station locations.

MRT - How to get around Singapore

Chinatown MRT entrance

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MRT - How to get around Singapore

MRT – How to get around Singapore

Singapore LTA website

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