New Zealand

New Zealand

A few of my favourite photos from New Zealand. Ahhh, New Zealand. What can I say about it that you don’t already know? Firstly, this is one of my favourite places on earth. For example, the range of scenery is amazing, from subtropical rainforests in the Coromandel to glaciers in the South Island.

New Zealand.

 Geologically active, it has its share of volcanoes and earthquakes of course! Wine in New Zealand was exceptional as you would expect. We stayed in the Marlborough region for 2 nights and had a fantastic tour of some of the wineries with Highlight Wine Tours. See my article on Marlborough here. I stayed here for quite an extended period during a gap year and recently we were back in a campervan from the Motorhome Republic. We hired it in Auckland and tried to cram in as much as we could in two weeks. You could spend years here, however! 

Campervan New Zealand

Navigating down to Christchurch on the southern island was tricky due to earthquake damage to the main highway 1. It involved quite a diversion. Unsurprisingly, campervan hire is a popular choice in New Zealand, they are to be found everywhere on the roads! Nothing else quite gives you the freedom that can be found in making your own way around the islands. We had a rough plan of what we wanted to see and where we wanted to be on particular dates but in my opinion, don’t over plan it with an itinerary down to the last minute! You may wish to stay somewhere longer or the weather may change your plans for you. Be flexible is the key. We met some lovely people there. I think Kiwis could win an award as the friendliest people on earth!


Finally, whatever amount of time you book to see New Zealand, it is never going to be enough. Make a list of what you want to see in preferential order and go for it! New Zealand will not disappoint! 

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New Zealand

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