Photo Editing.

In general, most photos you see will be edited. Photo editing is a common thing to up photos for magazines and the internet, even home users can get rid of red-eye. There are professional tools such as Lightroom and Photoshop but there are some free ones out there like GIMP

Today, I will concentrate on Windows 10 photos, it’s free and comes with Windows 10. I’ll concentrate on this, as according to Microsoft’s own figures there are 400 million ‘Windows 10’ users worldwide.

Firstly, open your photo in Windows 10 photos. If you have a different default photo program, right-click on your photo then choose open with, then choose photos. At the top right you’ll see some icons, the third one in is a picture and a pen, click on that one.

‘Photos’ has now opened the editing section. You’ll see various tools here. I clicked on ‘enhance your photo’. You can move the slider up and down to add or reduce the effect.

photo editing

Next, I clicked on the crop tool at the top. Using the edges you can move the frame of the photo to adjust the crop of the photo

After saving a copy of the photo I went to the ‘adjust’ section. Below it, click on the little arrow next to ‘light’, you’ll see sliders for contrast, exposure and others. Adjust these to suit your taste.

Click on ‘colour’ and you can adjust the tint and warmth. Once again, this is to suit your taste. Adjust the photo to please yourself, not others!

photo editing

Photo Editing – Conclusions

Above, is the finished article. As a result, the lavender has now become more lavender coloured as in the original the camera had made it bluer. Windows ‘photos’ is quite a basic tool but can produce pleasing results and the price is right, free!


If you want to take it to the next level, I’d recommend something like Adobe Lightroom. It can do so much more but does cost. As can be seen, below is the same photo edited in Lightroom. I’ve edited the sky with a graduated filter and added sunny daylight cast to the picture.

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Photo editing

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