To be sure, photography is a passion of mine. Whether beaches or cities, I’m always questing for that perfect shot. Going back to places multiple times of course, just to try and get the perfect photograph. But even if you have only a passing interest, taking good photos of your travel destinations is a must. However, it’s always nice to look back at your photos and the memories that they evoke. This photography section is designed to show you the gear I use, how I use the gear and to demonstrate the results I get. Firstly, there is a section on What’s in my Travel Camera Bag. This is an in detail look at all the kit I use regularly. Secondly, is Tips and Tricks, namely my Top Ten Photography Tips. Thirdly, a photo gallery.

What’s in my Travel Camera Bag?

Listed here is all the photography gear I use with a write up about each item and why I find it useful. Chiefly using a good quality Nikon camera body and lens gives me great results. However, my other gear is generic, no real big names. I have used so much equipment over the years. And, after much searching and experimenting, this is the gear that works for me. Being the actual gear I use, it goes to show photographic equipment doesn’t have to break the bank!

Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Photography Tips




Showing outlines and basics in photography, with useful tips in detail. Starting with the Top Ten Photography Tips to refresh your memory on the principles of how to take great photos. Other ‘how to’ and ‘ to demonstrate’ articles include adding presets to Lightroom and blurring water for effect.

Travel Gallery

Bodega Marques de Riscal

Some pictures from my travels around the world together with where they were taken. In this case, they are my personal favourites. Certainly, some are pleasing to my eye. Others tell a story or perhaps hold a special memory. A key point to remember, your photos may not be technically 100% but as long as you like them that is the key.  Also included is a small bit of blurb about what I was doing there.

I also have support equipment and other things I take on my travels. Click on the link for a list of my top travel tech that may help you.