A few pictures from Prague. It’s is one of my favourite cities in the world! If you are looking for a city break in particular, and have never been to Prague, I would suggest its well worth a few days of your time. If you are inspired by my photos, click on the deal finder to find your perfect hotel. Personally, I stayed at the Botel Admiral, because it’s fun and central! It’s like the name suggests, a Hotel on a boat. The TripAdvisor Botel Admiral reviews are here.

I have been to Prague numerous times over the years and still enjoy it. I lived in Czech for a short while, over the other side in the mountains and developed a deep love for the place. Prague, of course, is the capital and is served by regular flights from all over the EU. My flight was, as always, British Airways out of Heathrow. This is one of the few flights which depart from Terminal 3 significantly, as opposed to Terminal 5. Prague Airport Map


Charles Bridge and Prague Castle at night

Getting Around Prague

The Metro system is extremely clean and efficient covering almost everywhere. What it doesn’t cover, the tram service can be used. A 3-day ticket, for example, will cost 310 CZK. That’s about £11 at time of writing, November 2017. 


 Above each Metro door is a Metro map

Above each door in the Metro carriage is a map of stations so you know where to get off.

The sights

Prague is full of some incredible architecture, both old and new. A good guidebook is recommended and will give you information about what you are seeing. English is spoken widely but as usual its always nice to learn a few words of the local language as you may find it will help.

Waiting staff are getting to be a bit like Parisians and service in restaurants is very different, it seems slow and, furthermore, unfriendly to some eyes. One difference I found that took a bit of getting used to for example, in some restaurants they will take your plate if you have finished eating, even if the other people you are with haven’t finished yet. It is, to be sure, a cultural difference.


Prague in Conclusion

Go for it. It’s a great place and, like any capital city, bustling and vibrant. It suffered hardly any destruction of buildings during the war so has some very nice medieval and up architecture. 



The Dancing House

How to get from Prague Airport to the City

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