Punta Cana

Punta Cana.

A few of my favourite photos from Punta Cana in Dominica. Sometimes you need a holiday. Not an exploring holiday, just a holiday. In fact, this was one of those times. We were both run down. Additionally, we had survived a British winter.

Punta Cana

Throwing it’s usual damp coldness at us and incessant rain, we needed a holiday. Undoubtedly, Punta Cana was just that. In particular, an all-inclusive BA flights and holiday at Secrets, Royal Beach

Looking forward to child-free, all-inclusive luxury, we were not disappointed. Situated right on the beach, it was heaven. Furthermore, the facilities were great – ooooh the lazy river is fabulous. The water activities were great – we went on an excursion to an offshore snorkelling area and swam with stingrays and nurse sharks.

Punta Cana Food and Drink

As an illustration, on our first morning we were lazing by the pool and a member of staff passed by and asked us what we would like to drink. “what can you recommend” say I.

“Would you like something with Rum and Bananas?”

Of course, from that moment on I knew we were going to get on well here. Tam, of course, went for here traditional Pina Colada. You don’t go to these places for the wine, but the cocktails are amazing!

We found the onsite restaurants to be of a good standard and the portion sizes to be more than adequate. I had a steak in one of the restaurants and it was the hugest thing I have seen on a plate! Whether I am not used to North American portion sizes or I’m just a lightweight I don’t know.

Punta Cana Conclusions

Go! But a ticket. Stowaway if you have to. Sell a kidney. Do what you have to. It’s well worth it!

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Punta Cana


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