Rocket Kiosk Tromso.

The Rocket Kiosk Tromso is Norway’s smallest pub that also serves Reindeer hotdogs! Okay, firstly, if you are in Tromso, you have to visit this! It’s brilliantly mad or even madly brilliant! Tromso (or Tromsø) is located in Northern Norway, inside the Arctic Circle. Nearly 1800km north of Oslo, the capital city. We were here to see the Northern Lights, but there are a few bits you must see in Tromso, and the Rocket Kiosk is one of them. (And, let’s not be coy about this, it is also a cheap place to eat in comparison!)

Rocket Kiosk Tromso Norway's smallest pub

Rocket Kiosk Tromso – Norway’s smallest pub

The Rocket Kiosk Tromso was built in 1911 and run by a young lady called Margit Løkke. The Kiosk is an octagonal shape with a domed roof and a spire. Thus, earning it the nickname of the Rocket Kiosk. Because you would, wouldn’t you? Originally it was designed for use to sell newspapers and did so for many years. So far it has survived two world wars and a city fire!

View over the bay - Rocket Kiosk Tromso

View over the bay – Rocket Kiosk Tromso

In 2009 the Rocket Kiosk Tromso was declared a historic building because it is a culturally important example of a newspaper shop and a symbol of female entrepreneurship. After all, this was before women had the vote in the UK! Also, in Norway too! They gained the right to vote in 1913.

Rocket Kiosk Tromso inside
The eccentricenglishman - Rocket Kiosk Tromso

It opened in May 2014 as a hotdog bar but in August the same year, it got an alcohol license. And is now Norway’s smallest pub, at only 50 square feet! You wouldn’t want to work here if you suffer from claustrophobia!

Food at the Rocket Kiosk Tromso

This is certainly one of the cheaper places to grab a bite to eat in Tromso. Despite Tromso being inside the Arctic Circle, the bar serves a chilled light ale, brewed specially for the kiosk by a local brewery. The hot dog sausage is also produced to the bar’s own recipe and it’s the best! (Certainly, not the wurst!) The Gluhwein is my drink of choice though, it was fruity, sweet and just what you need to warm the soul in the chilly Arctic conditions.

Rocket Kiosk Tromso - Reindeer hotdog
Rocket Kiosk Tromso Gluhwien
Reindeer Hotdog with Apple and Beetroot
Gluhwein by the fire

For the vegetarians/vegans amongst you look away now and come back at the next paragraph. I had a reindeer hotdog. I ate Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. And he was delicious. Yes, they won’t be laughing and calling him names anymore!

Rocket Kiosk Tromso

Outside the Kiosk is a little seating area, enough for a few people to squidge around the open fire that provided some welcome warmth. (It was -8°C on our visit). Cushions were provided for the benches, ask the nice lady behind the counter if the reindeer skins look a bit snowy. And the red ribbon? That defines the area their alcohol license covers! No takeaway Gluhwein here!

You can catch up with the Rocket Kiosk Tromso on Facebook too.

How to find it.

Tromso Map – Click for directions from Google maps

rocket kiosk map

Rocket Kiosk Tromso – Map

The kiosk has also given its name to Rocket Night, an annually held festival. It is billed as;

‘In the end of August, when the Aurora Borealis has started it’s dance in the heavens, one of the best festivals inside the arctic circle happens in Tromsø, RakettNatt, August 25.-26th 2017. Tromsø boasts an energetic art and music scene, a wealth of locally sourced fine food and drink and a surrounding landscape that is not only spectacular and foolishly dangerous but also so beautiful that is actually “sexually provocative”.’

Taken from the Rakettnatt website – I’ve only corrected the spelling and not the words.

I’m not sure it’s sexually provocative, but I’ve never been to the festival – if you have, and it was, let me know!

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Rocket Kiosk Tromso

Rocket Kiosk Tromso

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