Sagrada Familia Gallery.

Welcome to the Sagrada Familia gallery! My main review can be found here, Visit Sagrada Familia. I usually do a Gallery per country or a gallery per city but the Sagrada Familia I found worthy of a gallery all on its own. A truly amazing structure and slightly reminiscent of a termite mound (in a good way)! I almost expected to see a giant ant-eater hove into view and start climbing up the side!

Contrary to popular belief, Antoni Gaudi was not the first architect for the Sagrada Familia. He took over the role when the first architect had a ‘falling out’ with the promoters. He proposed a radical new design, which, over 100 years later is still being worked on. 

A lot of Gaudi’s other building influences can be seen in the Sagrada Familia. The organicness of Casa Batllo for instance. 


Sagrada Familia Gallery

Sagrada Familia Gallery


My Sagrada Familia Gallery

We took a lot of pictures inside and around the Sagrada Familia. The lighting conditions inside are a little challenging. I set my camera on iso 1600 which seemed to work well in increasing shutter speeds.

Why Visit?

Even though I am a dyed in the wool atheist, it’s no reason not to enjoy buildings such as these. I say such as these, I mean religious buildings in general because nowhere in the world have I come across something as unique as the Sagrada Familia! 

Do book in advance though as spaces are limited. Visiting is based on time slots so be there promptly. There are several different time slots and wisely, only a certain number of visitors per slot.

You can go up inside the towers, two are open to the public. We chose the Passion Facade and tower as we felt, given the orientation of the Sagrada Familia, it would give us better views over the city. It is a lift to get to the top of the tower, but it is a spiral stone staircase on the way down!

If you ever go to Barcelona do have a look at the Sagrada Familia. I think it is certainly worth a few hours of your time. In fact, I would say go see it and then see the rest of Barcelona. It is, I believe, a masterpiece without parallel! 

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Sagrada Familia Gallery

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I hope you enjoy my Sagrada Familia gallery and it inspires you to go and look at this marvelous building!

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