Singapore Gallery.

Singapore was an amazing place to visit. I have to confess, I did fall a tiny bit in love with the place. Below is my Singapore gallery, some of my favourite photos from the visit. All the links to individual pages covering my Singapore visit from how to use the MRT, to Gardens of the Bay and the Singapore River will be at the bottom of the blog, below the pictures.

If you to get the chance to go to Singapore, do!  It’s amazing! Even to a cynical old Hartley like me!


Singapore Gallery 

Click here if you want to know more about Visiting Singapore. I have collated all our adventures and what to see in one blog post. Click on any of the links in that post to find out more on the individual subjects I have mentioned.

There is a lot to do in a Singapore visit and a lot of the sightseeing is at the right price. Free! Below is a list of the main sights included in this Singapore Visit blog post, starting with the all-important MRT, how to get around Singapore. We found this the best way to get around Singapore as the first thing you will notice on your visit to Singapore is how hot and humid it is! However, I haven’t included any photos of the MRT in my Singapore Gallery – I’ve only included ‘ Nice ’ photos.

MRT – How to Get Around Singapore

Gardens By The Bay Singapore

The Singapore River

Little India Singapore

Msocial Hotel Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Visiting Singapore

The first thing I noticed apart from the humidity was how clean Singapore was. The second thing I noticed was how green everything is. Singapore is, undoubtedly, a garden city, it seems wherever there can be trees and flowers, there are

Gardens by the Bay is the home of the supertrees, and there are many pictures of these in my Singapore gallery! The supertrees had been on my bucket list since I first saw pictures of them a few years ago and they certainly didn’t disappoint. The whole Gardens by the Bay Park is well worth a visit and budget a whole afternoon and evening to see them.

A video of Singapore Supertrees I made.

There are two giant greenhouse domes too! One is the Cloud Forest and the other is the Flower Dome. Both are amazing and very different. The cloud forest has a 30-metre high indoor waterfall which is a must see! To walk around the Gardens is free, as is the light show each evening but to go up the Supertree walkway and enter the domes costs. To visit the Supertrees is free and is certainly included in the things to do in Singapore on a budget. Entrance to the domes costs extra.

Little India

With an interesting history and now a vibrant social centre Little India Singapore is well worth a visit!

Today, it can certainly be said that little India is one of the more lively and colourful districts. The Serangoon road is the main commercial thoroughfare that goes through Little India Singapore.

The shops are myriad, with Goldsmith shops sari stores great restaurants and everything in between there is a 24-hour shopping more called the Mustafa Centre which offers everything you could possibly want or imagine.

Also, Singapore is a very tech-savvy city. Why? Here is a video of a robot making my omelette

Can you spend a week in Singapore?

It’s also worth noting that Indonesia is just a 40 Minute ferry ride away and great for an escape from city life. The prices were great too, especially compared to Singapore! We stayed in Indonesia for 3 nights and went snorkeling in some of the most pristine waters I have ever seen! For all the Information on my snorkelling trip and how to book, see Indonesia Snorkelling. and my Indonesia Gallery.

Snorkelling at abang islanD indonesia Singapore Gallery

Indonesian boat we used for snorkelling

A few useful guidebooks – we used the Lonely Planet one

singapore gallery

singapore gallery

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