Steak House Catania.

It’s not often I rave about a restaurant, but the Steak House Catania is worth the rave. Visually, an unimposing restaurant but looking delightful all the same, with architectural features made from lava erupted from Etna. It is the place to go to in Catania if you like steak.

Steak house catania outside

Steak House Catania outside

Key Info

📍How to get there – Google Map link
💲Higher End Steak House and Pizzaria
🕘Food 10am to 1am.  🔗 Website

As usual on these reviews, we were not paid to do it, I paid for our own food and drink out of my own pocket and the staff had no idea I was reviewing! Therefore, I feel this review is exactly as you would experience when visiting the restaurant.

Upon entry, I was offered an English menu which I happily accepted. On the basis that my Italian is as good as my Swahili. I can just about manage Vino Rosso per favore, and that’s about it!

Personally, I always find it tricky eating out because of my dietary requirements. I have an allergy to tomato. Yeah, that’s limiting!  I’ve been to steak restaurants before with the thought of “it’s a steak restaurant what could possibly go wrong?” Thoughts like that bring a large hitherto unthought of list, of what actually has gone wrong!

Here, I had no worries! there are various options on the menu but the pleasing thing I like here is that you can actually choose your steak. I don’t mean they bring in a parade of cows, or they are in a pen for you to view as they do with tanks at a fish restaurant. In a cabinet are the actual cuts of beef that you’ll be getting!

Choose your steak Steak house catania

Choose your steak – Steak House Catania

I went for a dry cured rib and watched the chef cut it up, with quite an excessively large and pleasing cleaver, in front of my eyes. Also, as you would expect, you’re asked how you would like it cooked.

steak house catania (2)

Steak House Catania – The arch is made from local Lava from Etna


The wine menu was comprehensively large but, unfortunately, I’m no expert on Italian wines, especially Sicilian. So I asked the sommelier/waiter type chap for something local. To be sure, he did not disappoint! Of course, it was a red as long-time readers will know, and it really went with the cut of beef I had ordered. The wines came from a climatically controlled environment behind a clear door displaying the range on offer. As can be seen below, it is an impressive range.

Steak House Catania Wine cellar

Steak House Catania Wine cellar

It’s always nice to see a climate controlled wine store, it kind of tells you they know what they are doing. As I supped my local wine dinner appeared. And it was fantastic.


The photo below does not do it justice, especially as I’ve started tucking into it before I remembered to take a photograph! Seasoned with a little sea salt it was perfect. 

steak house catania

Dry cured rib – Steak House Catania

Eagle-eyed viewers may notice the tomato on the lemon, top left. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you just can’t get away from them in the Mediterranean!

To be sure, I think it’s up there with one of my top five steaks in the world. You know how it goes, you have that little mental list in your head of where you have had good a good steak, and this place is really nudging up there. It hasn’t knocked that little Argentinian place in Clapham off the top spot, but its close!

Also, the restaurant does pizza and other delights. Check the restaurant link at the bottom of the page for the full menu.


Okay, now the bad news. As dinner goes, is not the cheapest thing you could have. But for what it is it was very reasonably priced. One water, one steak and two glasses of wine cost €44. Certainly not the cheapest meal I’ve had in Catania, but definitely the best.

steak house Catania Receipt

Steak House Catania receipt

If you are looking for cheap eats in Catania, this is not the place for you! However, neither is McDonald’s! You can find real budget eateries with main meals in Catania for less than you pay for 20 Nuggets at McDonald’s! But, if you are looking to splurge – give Steak House Catania a try. I wasn’t disappointed!

How to get there

Click on the Google Map for directions

Steak house google maps

Steak House – Google Maps

Website and Menu


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