Sunsets and Sunrises Gallery.

Welcome to my Sunsets and Sunrises gallery. Probably one of my favourite things to take pictures of, I love the way the light and colours change minute by minute. This is a gallery of some of my favourite sunset and sunrise pictures.

Sunsets and Sunrises Gallery

I have been lucky enough to see sunsets all over the world. Because it’s one of my favourite things to see I tend to get to the sunset spots early. With the photo above, looking over the Andaman sea in Thailand, the colours were amazing. I didn’t notice the crowd of people on the beach behind me at first, I was too busy taking photos. But when I turned around, everybody had that slightly slack-jawed ‘wow’ look. 

Getting Lucky

It was just lucky circumstance, the clouds were in the right places, the colours were great an the tide was right among other things. However, it’s not all luck. Knowing how to get the best from a scene has taken me years of practice.

I was bracketing my shots so that I had a range of colours to choose from. For more on exposure and bracketing your shots, see my exposure article. 

For more reading see my Top 10 Photography Tips.

I use a few basic items in my photography. Of course, a tripod is essential for the low light and sunset shots. People do ask me what I have in my camera bag so I thought I’d write it all down. In brief, you don’t need all singing and dancing equipment, although it does help. At least 10 shots in the gallery were taken on Samsung smartphones. The great thing about smartphones is that you always have a camera in your pocket ready!

In the gallery are pictures from all over the world, Europe, Asia, Australasia and beyond.

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Sunsets and Sunrises Gallery

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