Sydspissen Hotel.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay, the Sydspissen Hotel Tromso is certainly worth a look. Overlooking Telegrafbukta Beach, the Sydspissen Hotel Tromso is just a 5-minute drive or 10-minute bus ride from Tromsø city centre. It offers free Wi-Fi, a large dining room and fantastic views. I can’t imagine a better place! If you are as anti-social as me! I say that, but if you get to a certain age, like me, you look for a less social place to stay! Yeah, in my 20’s, hostels were fab, but I’m beyond that now!

sydspissen hotel tromso

Sydspissen Hotel Tromso

My choice of hotel was based purely on location. I didn’t want to be stuck in the city centre and this hotel is right next to the beach so offers some great photo opportunities. Having looked on, my favourite hotel portal, and read the reviews on Trip Advisor my other half wasn’t sure. The reviews mention the hotel being slightly dated and, while that’s not a problem for me, it might be for Tam, my significant other. And, I’ve found in my old age, it’s best to do what you’re other half says! It’s better to be a live coward than a dead hero!

Facilities at Sydspissen Hotel Tromso

I don’t usually care much about the hotel. It’s just somewhere to bang your ear at night and be out exploring during the day. The amount of time spent in the hotel with my eyes open is negligible. But, of course, you have to be guided in this!

sydspissen hotel tromso Bathroom
sydspissen hotel tromso Bathroom (2)

However, despite reading the reviews, this is one of the times when the reviews got it wrong. We found the hotel to be more modern than we had read about, all the facilities worked (the shower was very hot and powerful!), The Wi-Fi was free and the staff were amazingly helpful.

Because Norwegian airlines have managed to lose my bag, the hotel was very helpful in giving me advice. As it happened, my bag arrived at Tromso airport on the next morning’s flight. But, it did mean spending the first night without my coat or a change of clothes.

Helpful Staff at the Sydspissen Hotel Tromso

I needed to get my bag fairly urgently, after all having no coat in the Arctic Circle is not to be recommended! The hotel recommended going to pick it up from the airport, because the delivery company Norwegian airlines used, usually dropped the bags off in the evening. It seemed the hotel knew all about lost bags and their delivery so I’m guessing it happens with more regularity than perhaps it is wished.

sydspissen hotel tromso Dinning Room

Sydspissen Hotel Tromso Dining Room

But back to this fabulous hotel, the rooms are plenty spacious, the bathroom facilities more than adequate. The communal areas and the dining room have large windows to see the fantastic scenery. Also, we were lucky enough to get a room facing the sea through the trees.

If you can, ask for a sea facing room!

The reason being twofold, one, you get some great views and two, if the Northern lights put in a show you can see it from your bedroom window!

sydspissen hotel tromso communal area

Sydspissen Hotel Tromso Communal Area

Fantastic Views of the Aurora

We were surprised about this, as on our last night we were packing up and just generally chilling out. However turning the lights off to go to bed I heard Tam say “Ooooh, Hello Lady Aurora!” And indeed, looking out the window, there she was in all her glory!

There was a mad dash of cameras and clothes to take photos of the aurora. I took a lot from the hotel window and then went outside, once I put on some clothes as of course, it was -13°! As can be seen below, the aurora display was fantastic that night!

sydspissen hotel tromso 2
sydspissen hotel tromso 1

Sydspisen Hotel Tromso – Conclusions

To be sure, there is a bus stop just outside the hotel, taxis are very expensive in Tromso and buying a day or multi-day ticket for the bus is the cheapest option. Once again the hotel came to the rescue with a bus route map and lots of helpful advice and that’s why can recommend this hotel on a number of levels.

sydspissen hotel tromso room 101

Sydspissen Hotel Tromso room 101

Despite the connotations, room 101 was fabulous and contained none of the horrors George Orwell promised! The breakfast, continental style, was great. Well, you’re on the continent, that’s how breakfasts are! The rooms were warm. The views were fantastic. Book here, you won’t regret it!

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Sydspissen Hotel Tromso

Sydspissen Hotel Tromso

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