A Travel Gallery of some of my favourite photos from my travels. Just click on the photo to go see all the pictures and a bit of information about the destination.


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Travel Gallery
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Travel Gallery

Part of the fun of travelling is looking back on all the photos of your adventures. When it’s cold and raining outside, it’s fun to remind yourself of that tropical beach, you know, the one with the warm wind blowing and drinking something with rum and bananas in! I have been extremely lucky to have been to lots of places, more than are listed here. Whether you are looking for information on a specific country or just like looking at the pictures, just click on the Travel Gallery image.

All these photos have been taken with just a few essentials I carry in My Camera Bag.

From A to Z, Australia to (New) Zealand there is something for everyone. I have included a small write up about the place as well, just for the curious. Some are touristy spots, others can be a little off the beaten track. Some people shun the touristy spots but they are there for a reason! Because they have something to look at! Would you not go and see Niagra falls just because it’s a bit touristy?

Too Touristy?

Firstly, I hope the Travel Gallery inspires you to get out there and have your own adventures and make some great memories with your camera! Secondly, I hope that you enjoy the pictures. If you want to know a few tips see my Top 10 Photography Tips. They are full of ideas to help you take some great photos and start creating your own great memories. See the links if you’d like some travelling tips and money saving tips for travelling.


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