Travel Gear


Travel Gear

This page is devoted to all the travel gear I use, the non-tech side of things. If you are looking for travel tech see here. This is what works for me and may not be suitable for everybody, but I have found these items to be useful to me in my travels. Click on any of the photos to buy.


Travel Gear


Carry on bag

Not only is this my carry on bag, it also is my day sack when I am at my destination. What I like about this bag is its three-way design. It has rucksack straps to carry it as such. It also has a side handle for carrying and a long strap to make it an ‘over the shoulder’ bag. Having pockets with zips on the front, mesh pockets at the side and ‘cinch’ straps to reduce the width, it makes it more comfortable to carry so the load does not move about. Find it on Amazon here.

Travel Gear


I’ve had one of these in my travel gear for ages. I first got one of these when I was off playing soldiers and has lasted me for years. Useful as a scarf, a towel, a sunshade and a 1001 other things mine has been put to use as over the years! It comes in a range of colours.


A good pair of sunglasses is essential. I like polarized as it cuts down glare and reflections for times like driving on wet roads with a low sun, beaches and snow. I also like the fact that with polarised lenses you can see further into the water! Personally, I like round ones. Certainly, you see the need for them in Doha, Qatar!

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