Tromso Gallery.

Brilliant in all respects but colder than a Politicians’ heart, Tromso was a fantastic adventure! Here are a few of my favourite photos from my Tromso Gallery. Also, seeing the Northern Lights was a real treat. Below my Tromso gallery, are links to all the other Tromso adventures!

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Primarily, we were in Tromso to see the Northern Lights but it is a pretty town with a few daytime things to see. Firstly, the best thing for me was The Rocket Kiosk. It was quirky and hilarious. Indeed, billed as the worlds smallest pub, it is a converted newspaper kiosk that sells hotdogs and beer. Also, it is a great way of getting some hot food without breaking the bank. Like all Scandewegian countries, it is, of course, expensive to eat out.

Telegrafbukta Beach 

Another great find! This was a very photogenic location and on our last night, we watched the Northern Lights from here. It was a one minute walk from our hotel, The Sydspissen Hotel

Contrast the colours - How to take photos in snow

How to take photos in snow

It wasn’t the cheapest thing I’ve ever done but I will always remember it. Seeing the Northern lights was magic. It was everything I’d hoped it would be and more. If you get the chance, go. See here for how we saw the Northern Lights. Also, if you want to photograph them when you’re there check out my How to photograph the Northern Lights.

My final thought about Tromso is… Just how many hairdressers does one town need? There were an extraordinary amount of Hairdressers in Tromso!

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Tromso Gallery

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