What to Wear on a Plane.

Well, I’ve been accused of many things over the years but fashion-conscious isn’t one of them! I have the natural ability to put anything on and make it look instantly wrinkled and crumpled, as can be seen below! For example, other people look good in Armani suits. However, I look like I’ve slept in a dumpster. With that in mind, let give you an idea of what to wear on a plane!

What to wear on a Plane

At the airport. Natural fabrics mean comfort to me

Firstly, let me apologise and say we couldn’t find a model. It’s only pictures of me. I’ve got the kind of face that’s suitable for the radio if you know what I mean!. However, ignoring that, and the fact that these photos were never meant to be seen, they are a good example of what I want to talk about. 

What to wear on a Plane

On the plane, Qatar Business Class. Layers are king

Natural Fabrics

For travelling, I concentrate on natural fabrics. In all these photos, I have on various pairs of linen trousers. Do they travel well? No. Do they have more wrinkles than Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones? Yes! Are they comfortable? You bet!

Furthermore, the same goes for the black silk shirts. Black doesn’t show the dirt as much! Silk being warm and comfortable, they can be worn open as an over-shirt or done up depending on how you want to regulate your body heat. It will roll down very small when you don’t need it.

However, it will crease. So if you are stepping off a 12-hour flight straight into a business meeting you won’t look smart. But if you are stepping off a 12-hour flight straight into a business meeting, you might need psychological help!

What to wear on a Plane

Comfortable shoes make a difference on long haul flights

Comfortable shoes

The best shoes to wear on a long haul flight? My favourite shoes are usually slip-on espadrille type things or deck shoes. This is for two reasons. Firstly, they are comfortable. Secondly, they are easy to take off and put on at airport security. Airport security is a faff but it is very necessary!

A word of caution, if you do take your shoes off on a long haul flight, make sure you put them on again when you move about the cabin. I have spoken to cabin crew past and present and this seems to be high on the list of annoying things for them.

What to wear on a Plane

BA Business Class en route to the Dominican Republic

Layer up

To demonstrate, these photos taken some a few years apart, I have 2 basic layers.  Firstly, I have a T-shirt underneath. Then, a silk shirt over the top of that. Next, Cotton boxer shorts that are baggy – my preference – and a pair of linen trouser with comfortable shoes. For me, I have found that this works. If only 2 layers has you feeling cold, pack a small jumper or you can always ask for a blanket.

I remember my father travelling on a certain airline which shall remain nameless where they went around selling people blankets before take off. Then, into the flight, they handed them out on a loan basis to anyone who asked.

what to wear on a long haul flight
what to wear when travelling 1


Layer system, a shirt that folds small!
T shirt and linen trousers
In transit from one hot country to another

As can be seen above, if you are transiting from one hot country to another a pair of shorts in your bag is essential. The trip in the far right photo involved 3 flights UK to Holland, Holland to Doha and Doha to Thailand. When travelling from a cold climate to a hot climate it pays to be prepared! Also, the slip-on shoe, as mentioned before makes airport security easy!

Make sure you’re comfortable!

A point worth mentioning, make sure you’ll be comfortable when you arrive at your destination airport. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen people get off planes in shorts and T-shirts when returning from a tropical climate. Only to find it’s cold and raining. In the middle of winter.

That’s why the layer system is a must when travelling from a cold country to hot country or travelling from a hot country to a cold country. Remember the weather where you are going and what it will be when you get home!


What to Wear on a Plane – Conclusions

For me, I have found what works. You might be slightly different, but layers and natural fabrics are the way to go. I don’t change my travelling clothes ‘style’ much as you can see. This has been a comfortable combination over the years and lets me arrive feeling human. Ish. 

A Bears Eye View

What to wear on a Plane – The short version

  • Stick to Natural Fabrics
  • Use layers to keep warm
  • Keep things baggy
  • Easy to remove comfortable shoes
  • If you are cold on a flight, ask for a blanket!

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