The White Hart – Witley.

A great Country Pub with a Modern Twist!

The White Hart at Witley is an Elizabethan (16th Century) public house and is said to stand on the site of an Anglo-Saxon Inn. Also, it is thought to have been a Royal hunting lodge. The Grade II listed building is now a pub.

It is said to have one of the oldest continuous licences of any pub in England. In fact, for those who like old pubs with plenty of history, this place is perfect! If you are looking for a country pub to visit in Surrey, you could do a lot worse!

Key Info

💲Mid Priced BBQ Specialty.
🕘12 to 9 pm except Sunday 12-4pm 🔗Website

As usual on these reviews, we were not paid to do it, we paid for our own food and drink out of our own pockets and the staff had no idea we were reviewing! Therefore, I feel our review is exactly as you would experience when visiting the pub.

White Hart - Witley

White Hart Witley – One of the oldest pubs in Surrey

As you walk through the door you are faced with a small reception area where you wait to be seated. Service was quick and efficient and we were soon seated. For me, the first thing I look at is the wine list and, happily here at the White Hart, it is well stocked with something for everyone.

Wine List

I was personally pleased to see a Rioja Reserva by the glass on the list. I generally prefer older Riojas so this hit the spot! The photo below is from November 2017 and wine lists and menus change over time so for up to date offerings, see the link to the White Hart website at the bottom of this page.

White Hart - Witley

Wine List


The pub, surprisingly and happily, specialises in Whisky and Craft beer. You can find Porters, Stouts I.P.A.s, lagers and more on offer as well as a great selection of whiskies, bourbons and gins. All the choices are on the menu so you don’t have to go up to and peer over the bar as you have to in some pubs.

White Hart - Witley

The Bar at the White Hart Witley – one of the best pubs in Surrey I know

We were walk-ins and hadn’t made a reservation but thankfully they found room to seat us. However, I think reserving a table would be the way to go so as to avoid disappointment. As we sat down we were certainly served quickly, with water and menus to peruse. I should mention the broadband here is surprisingly great, being out in ‘The Sticks’, with consistent speeds above 35 MB/S.


White Hart - Witley

The decor is, undoubtedly quirky and likeable. If indeed, you love things to be a touch weird! From our table water being served in old Gin bottles, for instance, to the plastic deer heads wearing sunglasses, I find the out of the ordinary pleasing and welcoming in these days of conformity and the absence of individuality!

The food at the White Hart

In short, you won’t find the normal pub menu here. The White Hart is famed and rightfully so, for its real smoked BBQ meats. There are a couple of vegetarian options but, be prepared, it’s mainly meat it specialises in. And specialise, it well and truly does. The meats are smoked for up to 15 hours following the ‘low and slow’ cooking ethos.


The food at the White Hart Witley – A haven for BBQ lovers

As can be seen in the photo above, Tam, my S.O. ordered Macaroni Cheese. Tam wasn’t ravenous so wanted a lite bite. The Macaroni cheese was on the sides menu and indeed, turned out to be the perfect size for her. It was, of course, beautifully presented in a cast-iron ramekin and very tasty to boot!

It was very cheesy, unlike some that can be very floury and had a gorgeous parmesan and mustard crunchy top. Tam commented it was the best she’d tasted in a long time and as our resident cheese expert, she should know!

I plumped for a small portion (they come in 3 sizes) of the Award-Winning Jacobs Ladder Beef Rib. Also, we had Triple Cooked Chips to share. 

Ribs White Hart Witley

Excellent Ribs – White Hart Witley

The ribs and other meats are cooked in the pub’s own wood-fired smoker. Furthermore, it is smoked with sustainably sourced English Oak. The beef rib glaze was excellent and the meat, of course, was succulent and tender. In particular, it fell from the bone and melted in the mouth. I was especially amazed at just how good the beef ribs were, this is

‘Ribs done right’

To accompany this I went for the Baron de Ebro Rioja Reserva. Smooth well balanced with plenty of fruit, it is, to be sure, a great accompaniment to the ribs.

The White Hart

The White Hart Witley is, to be sure, one of the best Surrey pubs I know. By all means, I can thoroughly recommend this quaint old pub with its unique new twist on the BBQ. With this in mind, go there and be amazed! As always, this is not a paid review and to emphasize, all the staff were unaware of my purpose of being there. I spent my own money, and certainly, it was money well spent!


The White Hart
Petworth Road
Witley, Surrey

01428 683 695

Click on the map to get Google directions


Prices: Mains £9-£20 

Kitchen Hours:

Mon – Thurs 12 pm – 9 pm
Fri – Sat         12pm – 9.30pm
Sun                12pm – 4pm


Yes, fast, over 35MB/s


 To reiterate, I don’t do paid reviews and I only include pubs that have something notable about them. However, If you know a pub that you think would make a good addition to this list, for historical or quirky reasons, leave a comment below!

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All prices correct at time of writing.


The White Hart Witley

The White Hart Witley

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