World Travel Adapter

World Travel Adapter.

We all need electric to charge our devices while travelling. Phones, laptops, cameras – the list of electrical devices we all need just seems to get longer. Most of our devices charge as USB devices. Wouldn’t it be good if there was a World Travel Adapter that cut down the need for so many plugs? Yeah, you saw this coming, didn’t you?

This is the world travel adapter I use on my travels and so far it has never let me down.  Yes, it’s more than just a plug in the socket device, this will help you travel smarter. It’s easy to use and the 2 USB sockets are really worth it. Also, the nite-lite is a handy feature on it.

The Adapter

World Travel Adapter

Plug control switch in the centre

On one end is a plug control switch as shown above. This is where you set the country. Set this and then slide out the appropriate pins for the country you are in.  The slide controls are on the side, in the picture below.


World Travel Adapter

Slider controls for the plug pins



Once the pins have slid out they are locked in place. On the opposite side is a little button. Press this when you need to retract them.


World Travel Adapter

2 USBs and the button to retract the pins


World Travel Adapter – Conclusions

All in all, it’s a nice compact unit for what it does. It will save you a bit of space in your hand luggage (I always keep mine in my hand luggage, just in case of delays and such. That way I can recharge my devices at the airport while you hang around waiting for your plane.) It comes with the instructions in its own little zip bag.

The link is here should you want one. 

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